Kids get hands-on in summer camp

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WESTON, W.Va (WDTV)- It is that time of the year where kids are out of the classroom and looking for fun things to fill their extra time. A good go to for a lot of parents is, of course, summer camp!

Summer programs are a fun and easy way to keep children interactive during the months off school. That is exactly what the 4-H camp is working to do at Jacksons Mill this week. They are planning activities to provide a fun yet educational and instructional week.

Although Mom or Dad are usually the ones urging the kids to get out and about, they say these activities are the highlight of their summers.

"Camp is a really fun place, I really love coming here," young camper Will Behrens says about Jacksons Mill. "It's kind of a break from my normal chaotic life and a chance to just kind of hang back and have fun with my friends."

Counselers of the 4-H camp say building those friendships are an important part of the summer programs, but it goes way beyond the fun and games. They build character and shape the futures of these eager children.

"Throughout the week they are given opportunities to be in leadership positions," camp counselor Jason Talkington says. "The four H's are health, head, heart and hands. While they are here we try to utilize each one of those until you fuse them into one by the end of the week."

Today's service project focuses on our local veterans. The kids will spend part of the day writing thank you letters to our heroes and packing brown bag lunches for the VA Medical Center. The 4-H camp continues through the rest of the week.