Kids helping Good Housekeeping decide best toys

(CBS) -- At 7 years old, Avery Confresi is an official toy tester. Sporting a lab coat and with a score sheet in hand, she's part of the young team picking the coolest toys on the market.

Avery is one of 100 children deployed every year at Good Housekeeping's toy lab, assessing the fun factor on dozens of gadgets from a wind-up toy motorcycle to a crayon melter.

"They're scientists for the day. They come in here and we do ask them certain questions," said Rachel Rotham, the chief technologist at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Each of them get to fill out the scores and any other insights and information.

Before the kids get their hands on the toys, real engineers make sure they meet safety standards and do a drop test to be certain they won't shatter into small, hazardous pieces. After the children provide their feedback, the toys were narrowed down to a list of just 28 broken down into three groups by price.

"One of the biggest trends this year was pet care..."

Nearly a third of the hottest toys of the year are animal related, including a puppy that does tricks, interactive plush pets and mystery fur balls that kids can wash and bring to life. It was one of Avery's favorites, which helped secure a spot as one of the best toys of the year.