'Kiss' controversy: Holiday bakers want to know what happened to the tops of Hershey's kisses

(CBS) -- It's a tradition taking place in kitchens all over the world. Holiday baking is a big deal and folks have come to rely on certain iconic confections to create that perfect batch.

But now, we've entered the great 'kiss' controversy. You know those little curly tips on the top of the chocolate drops, they're broken off.

"The excitement of seeing that little curl on the top and when we open it up, it's actually not there," said Cathy Previtali-Matush, a cookie baker.

Why? The wedding cookie table community on Facebook is in the midst of a baking rebellion, demanding answers. Laura Magone, the administrator of the group, is doing her best to mediate the madness.

"It was like a symphony that went off across the country. They all noticed everywhere," she said. "The cookie bakers got a little testy over this issue and it's a shock. They care so much about the look of their cookie. The presentation is everything. So, to take the time to make a homemade cookie and have a broken something sitting on it, it's very offensive to them."

Laura's mom, Wanda, has been baking for 80 years. She too is surprised at the uprising of aproned aficionados everywhere.

"A lot of people don't like that and they're turning the cookie upside down," she said.

Hershey reps have been responding to the group's messages. At first, customer service told consumers it was deliberate, so the pieces didn't fall off after production. But now, they say they're looking into the cause. That's a relief for Laura.

"So that the cookie bakers are happy and Hershey's is happy with us," she said.

Baked from the heart and sealed with a -- well you know.