Are there enough guardrails?

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Guardrails, you see them on the interstates and on busy roads. but what about backroads?

"Really nervous that my car's going to get hit by someone else because there is a couple spots where trees have grown over so you have to kind of go around those" says Monongalia resident Kara Hindman.

"We have a process to go through that we are mandated by to make sure we use the correct guardrail in the correct location" says District 4 Engineer for the Division of Highways Donald Williams.

Narrow roads with steep drop-offs. don't always have guardrails, and that makes some drivers question, why?

"A couple people say things about it, especially parking our cars over here because if a car does slide down that hill, it's going to come straight into the vehicles at the bottom" says Hindman.

Many times, space is the issue when it comes to adding guardrails on backroads, especially ones that are narrow.

"Sometimes, it's very hard to put guardrail in because, for guardrail to be effective, especially when there's a big drop off, the road may be 10 foot wide, the face of the guardrail to the back of the post might take 18inches, and then you don't have enough room behind it to actually have something to support the post. So we can't put it in" says Williams.

Driving on these narrow roads is tough enough on a regular day, but the winter months make it even more of a challenge.

"You just got to take it slower, especially when it's snowy like today, and you got to watch for other cars too, they might run you off the road" says Monongalia County resident Gabe Wise.

"In those situations, I think people just need to use extreme caution, Go very slow, down gear versus using your breaks" adds Williams.

If you do have a road that you feel needs a guardrail, you can always make a request to the Division of Highways.