Lack of veteran teachers a slight concern in Marion County

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV) - Marion County will see a lot of new faces when it comes to faculty this year.

Superintendent Gary Price says it's always difficult to transition from teachers who have been there for many years to brand new ones. While it's somewhat of a concern,Price says the only way for the newer teachers and students to get accustomed to everything is getting into the classroom.

"Sometimes you just have to go into the classroom and do it yourself so you become adept at managing a classroom and being able to carry out assignments," said Price. "So we'll always miss those veteran teachers. Those new, young, energetic teachers coming in certainly add a lot to the school as well."

One person at Monday's Marion County Board of Education meeting voiced her concerns over transgender bathrooms. This is something that's been a controversial topic. To hear what she had to say and the response from one board member, check out the video above.