AHF Manufacturing leaders say expansion will bring new jobs to Randolph County

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "It is the large employer in Beverly and the largest private, for-profit company in Randolph County," said Robbie Morris, the Executive Director of the Randolph County Development Authority.

The plant opened the expansion on November 22nd and staff are currently working on fully implementing the expansion into operations.

The AHF Manufacturing Plant in Beverly, West Virginia is the largest pre-finished hardwood flooring plant in the United States. The plant worked with the county to expand in late November this year.

"This project first came about in August of 20-16 through conversations that we had with at that time, Armstrong Flooring, about the need to increase capacity at the plant," said Morris.

Plant Manager Blaine Emery said the plant had a small distribution center, but most of its products went to Tennessee for east coast distribution.

"In addition to not only manufacturing a good chunk of the flooring for the East Coast here in Beverly, it makes logistical sense and operational sense to create a distribution center here," said Morris.

The expansion loans locked AHF Manufacturing into a 20-year agreement with the county's development authority.

"The project called for the creation of 50 jobs and the saving of 60 jobs," said Morris.

But, both Emery and Morris are focused on the jobs outside of manufacturing this expansion will bring.

"While the 50 and 60 jobs is significant for our area, the domino effect of the indirect jobs that will be created through this expansion alone is significant," said Morris.

Emery says restaurants, gas stations, local businesses and industries will see the positive effects of this distribution center.

The distribution center opened on November 22nd, and plant staff are currently working on integrating the center fully into its operations.