Latest outreach shows homelessness is increasing in Harrison County

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - 57- that's the number of people that were identified as homeless in the Clarksburg Harrison Regional Housing Authority's most recent day of outreach.

And while that number may seem small, it is more than triple the number found during the last outreach in the winter.

"During the winter, I was able to participate in that one, and it was 14 people," said Mendi Scott, the executive director for "Homes for Harrison", a non-profit that teamed up with the housing authority to make a more concentrated effort on tackling the epidemic.

Of the dozens of people Scott met, she says all of them were receptive to getting help.

"We didn't get any negative responses, we didn't get anybody that told us to get out or leave them alone," Scott said "everybody acted like they wanted help so we were able to provide those people with different resources,"

Those resources include local organizations, who gathered for the Homes for Harrison block party- an event with the goal of creating an open and nonjudgmental space for those struggling to connect with help.

"We have 17 different agencies that have come to share their resources with us," Scott said "We have the housing authority to help with housing and we have help for West Virginia to help with treatment options,"

To those who argue that these type of events are hand-outs, Scott argues that having food and housing are human rights.

"You deserve to eat, you deserve to be in housing, and that's all there is too it,"