UPDATE: Gov. Justice gives budget update

Governor Jim Justice gave a budget update Thursday evening.

In the update, Justice says the lowest Income tax bracket will receive a $150 rebate check and the second lowest will receive a $100 rebate check in addition to the income tax reduction.

The governor also urged citizens to have to contact their congress members and ask them to approve the bill, warning that a government shutdown will be devastating.

Original Story
According to sister station WSAZ, numerous lawmakers walked out of a meeting Thursday upset over something apparently said by Senator Karnes.

Governor Justice, however, still came out smiling. He said he would send up a new revenue bill Thursday, containing income tax cuts. The sales tax would rise to 6.5% under the proposal. The governor also described a rebate structure for the lowest income brackets.

The State Senate was supposed to vote on the revised budget passed by the House Wednesday. No word yet if that vote took place.