UPDATE: Investigation continues after 5 LCHS students sent to hospital

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 4:46 PM EST
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UPDATE 12/03/2019 4:00 P.M.

Things are quiet now at Lewis County high school, but they certainly weren't just a day ago when five students were sent to the hospital after an unknown prescription drug caused dangerous reactions.

At around noon yesterday, Lewis County high school staff messaged parents about the incident.

Central office administrator Chris Derico says while the investigation is ongoing, they do know it was a student who gave out the pills.

"We did have a student bring a prescription medicine to the school, and distribute it to other students,"

Five students sent to Stonewall Memorial Hospital. Four were kept overnight. Today, all of them are recovering well.

However, as the investigation continues, the administrators discovered that more than the five kids affected possibly took the medication.

"We are aware that outside of those five students there were some other students that partook in the medicine as well," Derico said "So all the information we have is currently being looked into and investigated,"

Derico says the school has had instances of this in the past, but never with this many students involved.

"We find out about it and e deal with it when it's just one student, two students," Derico said "But what made this different was the fact that we had such a change in behavior with five students,"

As for the future, Derico says the best thing to do is to educate students and their parents on the real dangers of taking unknown medication.

"I don't know if these things can be totally prevented," said Derico "We will work hard to educate everyone, starting with our staff, about properly educating the students here," "And obviously we're going to have to hit the students and parents hard on the importance of making wise decisions,"

School administrators say they will work closely with the Sheriff's department as they continue their investigation.

"Obviously there's a little more work to do," said Derico "The administration has to finish their investigation and there's going to be some discipline at some time, when it's appropriate, and the investigation is over,"


Five Lewis County High School students were taken to the hospital after a student brought in prescription medication and distributed it to other students Monday.

According to Lewis County High School Central Office Administrator Chris Derico, the five students had an adverse reaction to the medication.

Derico says the students taken to the hospital will be OK.

There is an investigation, and there will be discipline at some point, Derico said.

"The high school administration team has it under control," Derico says. "They are aware of the student that brought it to school and distributed it.

"It was redistributed I think a couple of times," Derico said.

Derico say they were trying to take care of the students' physical needs, then take care of the investigation.

The school cannot verify what the medication was at this time, according to Derico.

Derico says they know the five students took the medication and are unaware if more students took it.

Derico says that they have communicated to all families of the situation, and to be aware of any signs or symptoms.

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