Lewis County bus drivers vs. Lewis County Board of Education

Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 1:09 AM EST
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Bus drivers around Lewis County say they are fed up and ready for action.

They say the county's Board of Education is not following through with the current policy set forth for bus drivers’ pay.

Because of this, they say their hours of work are not reflected in their payment.

They've since been posting Board of Education meetings on Facebook and rallying together for their right to overdue wages.

Bus driver and spokesperson John Shaffer says it's never been about an increase in pay, they just want what they're owed.

"We are not after a pay raise, a lot of people think or it's been said, trying to portray that were after a pay raise...were not after a pay raise. Will it be an increase, absolutely it would because we get paid for every hour that we work. So yes it would be an increase, but were asking to be paid what we feel correctly," said Shaffer.

On top of the rumors of them wanting higher pay, they also say other rumors have surfaced as well.

"It's been said that we are against our current levy that's coming up...not against the levy, think it's for the children and we need the levy" said Shaffer regarding his own views.

WDTV reached out to the Board of Education, but was provided with a number that was out of service and no one was available at the office for comment.

Nonetheless, the drivers say they will definitely be taking their case to the next meeting.

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