Lewis-Upshur Animal Shelter reaches max capacity

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The Lewis-Upshur has reached maximum capacity and the shelter's staff are doing everything they can to have their animals adopted.

"We're full. We get rid of one, we gain two. The odds don't work out too well here," shelter employee Randy Squires said.

The shelter does euthanize because of space, so employees and volunteers are urgently seeking homes for their animals.

Squires says that summer is the most popular time for dogs and cats to be taken into the shelter.

This is not the first time the shelter has been in this position.

"I've seen times in here where we've had a dog inside, shut the doors between them. Put a dog outside. Gave them something to sleep on, water, food outside. Where they separated them with doors to keep them blocked from each other. We've done that where we had dogs both inside and out just trying to rescue a whole bunch of them and get them out of here," Squires said.

The shelter takes in many animals throughout the week and, according to volunteers, is just one of two shelters in West Virginia with an animal drop box just outside of the shelter where people are able to leave animals at any time.

Volunteers say one of the biggest reasons for the overflow of animals is people who adopt animals then take them back to the shelter within a few days.

While euthanasia is still a risk with the overflow of animals, Squire says it is the last resort.

"Euthanizing, up here is not as bad as they blow it up to be on Facebook and stuff. Where they put on there that we go through them like crazy. She doesn't. We sit back and we try. We try. We try to get rid of everything we get in here," Squire said.