"Stories with Stormy" encourages kids to read and learn about animals

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - As Bridgeport's public library continues their renovations this summer, they've been looking to other parts of the community to hold events to keep kids interested in reading.

"Because of the renovations we don't really have the space to hold a lot of programming this summer, so we're trying to do some outside programming within the city park," said children's librarian Amy Eakle

The library partnered with the non-profit On Eagle's Wings to create a special story time with one of their most popular members- Stormy the miniature horse.

The kids walked the perimeter of the park with Stormy, stopping along the way to read a chapter or two of the book for .

The event is designed to get kids interested in reading and learning about animals.

"The goal is for them to have a more intimate experience with animals that they aren't familiar with," said Nancy Hickman, Stormy's handler and an equine specialist with On Eagle's Wings.

The story time ended with the kids getting spending some quality time with Stormy.

The library's next event will be in August in the newly renovated space.