Local brewery partners with nonprofit to raise funds for children's museum

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 5:30 PM EST
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For the past few years the Marion County Family Resource Network (FRN) leadership worked on bringing a children's museum into their city.

They were inspired by the link they saw between education and the opioid crisis.

"The CDC says that lack of education is one of the root causes of substance abuse,"

The hope is that an interactive learning museum would encourage children to form a community and stay in school

Right now, staff members look into several possible locations.

Once that's decided there should be a better idea of the next steps.

"That would give us more of an idea of the money needed," said FRN executive director Frank Jarman "And once those things are set in place our partners at Northstar museum will be able to work out a budget, a marketing plan, and then it will really take off,"

In the meantime they've partnered up with DJ Cassell and The Rambling Root, a local restaurant and brewery.

Cassell has a personal connection with education.

"I have a degree in education, my wife's a teacher, education is something that's important to us," Cassell said "So even at the root we always try to help out schools,"

Cassell says if it wasn't for the love of science he learned as a kid..He probably wouldn't have started his own brewery.

"I don't know if people really consider brewing a science but it is it's chemistry and it's art," Cassell said "And I learned a lot from doing that kind of stuff as a kid that brought me here,"

February 22nd, Cassell will be lend part of the Rambling Root to hold a family "STEM" event, where kids and their parents will get an idea of what a children's museum could look like.

"An exhibit from Spark! Imagination Center is coming from Morgantown so it will be a chance for people to get their hands on that stuff and see what we're trying to bring," Jarman said

The group will collect donations to go towards planning and funding the museum, which they hope to see in one to two years.

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