Local business has two break-ins in one week, suspect(s) on the loose

UPSHUR COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV)-- "It's such a pain to have to go through a billion locks just to get in your own place," said Brianna Hill, Owner of Coast2Coast Airsoft in Buckhannon.

Coast2Coast Airsoft was first broken into by kicking down the front door.

Hill has spent two years building up the business. Now, covered with several locks on each door, it's a waiting game to find out who is targeting it.

"The fact that they want to come take everything that we've worked so hard for is very sad," said Hill.

On two separate days, the store was robbed of nearly $3,000 worth of inventory. This includes guns, BB's and gear. What was once a store filled wall to wall is now empty because of fear of being hit again.

"Everything is empty now because I don't want anything else stolen."

Hill is working to find the perpetrator (s). With no security footage, it's up to the footprint left behind on the front door.

"We think it's the same person because you can see the lines on the bottom of the shoes here and on here."

The door was kicked down during the first break in. The second time, the suspect (s) broke through their window.

"We started the airsoft field, so that people would have a place to play, get out of the house, make friends and we want to keep doing that, but we really want to find our stuff too."

Inventory that's going to take time to get back.

"We had scopes, ammo, batteries and chargers."

Hill is offering a $200 cash reward for anyone who might lead the police to making an arrest. She says it's an incentive for the community to help.

"I feel personally attacked because I had my store stuff stolen and my personal stuff stolen."

Now, Hill is taking precautions one lock at a time.

Hill says since the incidents they've installed security cameras and have filed a report with state police.