Local clowns gets pet oxygen masks for fire stations

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UPSHUR COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)- A local clown duo in Upshur County is turning their love of balloon animals and real ones into action. The pair is working to get oxygen masks for pets into every fire department truck in the county.

"Stubbles and I are very fortunate clowns," said Jim Lockhart.

Lockhart is better known as Fuzzy to the community. Stubbles: his clown partner for around 25 years.

"They would tease us about, 'Oh so you've got pets,' Lockhart said about when he would talk to people while making balloon animals. "And we'd say, 'Yeah and our wives would have them taken care of before we were if we were even in a burning building!' And of course the people would laugh."

But this clown knows saving pets' lives is no joke. He also looks at the project as a way to engage the community.

"We're gonna challenge people to buy these kits for Upshur County because there's a lot of people with animals and it would be wonderful to be able to have them in all the trucks," he said.

Firefighters in the area are on board with Fuzzy's fur-saving plan.

"I've seen dogs saved, cats, and once even a pig," said Buckhannon Fire Department Chief Jim Townsend.

"I always tell the firemen when I give another kit, 'I hope you never have to use this. But if you do I want to make sure you have it,'" Lockhart said.

Two fire departments are getting animal oxygen mask kits Monday at a Lion's Club meeting. That brings the number of fire trucks with kits up to nine.