Local couples celebrate decades of romance

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Couples of all kinds are celebrating this Valentine's Day, including John and Ruthie Kilionski.

The Morgantown couple is celebrating over 50 years of marriage.

"We met in 1965. He went to the Marines and then came back. In 1966, around Valentine's Day he asked me to marry him. Then on April 10th of 1966 we got married," said Ruthie Kilionski.

John spent decades of his career in law enforcement. Now that they are both retired, they enjoy going to the Senior Center.

"We are always together. All of my friends know who's the boss of my house," said John Kilionski.

So what's the key to their success?

"Love and the Lord Jesus. We've held together all of these years," said Ruthie Kilionski.

Another couple, Terry Tusing and Carol Annmiller, said it was love at first sight.

"We knew instantaneously this is it," said Tusing.

"She had these big red glasses on and real curly hair and I looked and thought gee whiz. When we met it was New Years Eve and at the stroke of midnight everybody kissed. When she kissed me I knew that was it," said Annmiller.

Their relationship is 40 years strong.

"We did everything together and we still do. We go to the flea market together, we travel together, we're just together all of the time," said Tusing.

Terry and Carol said the answer to keeping the love alive is simple.

"Honesty and friendship," said Tusing.

"Love and if we get mad we talk about it. We never go to bed mad. We never leave the house mad," said Annmiller.

And after decades of love, both couples said they couldn't ask for anything more.