Local couples celebrate love stories

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Love has no limits when it come to age.

"Always try to work out your problems," said Beverly Shaffer.

Beverly and George Shaffer are celebrating 63 years of marriage and their love for one another is as strong as ever.

"Just be happy," said George Shaffer.

They both grew up in the Pittsburgh area and lived on the same street. Beverly played softball and George was a coach. They got married in Winchester, Virginia while George was in the service. They said the secret to their long lasting relationship is happiness and humor. Beverly said she can still remember back to their first date.

"He came to see me and walked past the house. He stopped and we set on the steps of the house. It was hours until he asked me to go out," said Beverly Shaffer.

And as for their biggest joy...

"We have two boys, Tom and George," said George Shaffer.

Donald Rodetsky is also marking years of romance. He tied the knot nearly 30 years ago and his relationship is still going strong.

"My cousin got me and my wife together and I met my wife. I came in on Valentine's Day from Baltimore 29 years ago to meet her," said Rodetsky.

Donald said he is celebrating the holiday in a simple way, but the best gift is to have his partner by his side.

"When I married her she had five children. They were all grown children. My step children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have been a big joy in my life," said Rodetsky.