Local doctor saving lives while continuing family tradition

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) A cardiologist at Mon Health says his second job has helped him live a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically.

During the week, he's a doctor in Morgantown and on the weekend, he's working to run his family-owned farm in Randolph County.

"Medicine was a natural fit for me," said Dr. Robert Hull. "I loved cardiology and the cardiac electrophysiology, the taking care of heart rhythm problems."

He has been a member of their team for about six months and before that, he was a part of WVU Hospitals. In his short time at Mon Health, he has worked to build a close connection with his patients, getting to know them as people rather than just in the medical sense.

"Having the more personal interaction with each patient, you do find out what they do and you ask what they do," Hull said. "I have a lot of the same experiences as my patients have. We can talk about their tractor and my tractor or their animals and my animals."

The farm is tucked away in Pickens, about 100 miles from Morgantown. He spend most weekends on the farm, where he grows fruit trees.

"This was originally the farm that my father's family owned," he said. "He grew up here. He walked from here to school, three miles each way. As I was a young boy, he made this part of my heritage."

In a setting much different from a hospital, Hull says this is a healthy lifestyle. He says it's peaceful and relaxing.

"Here it's hunting, it's hay, it's maintaining pastures, it's cultivating timber," he said.

In fact, he credits the work on the farm to being a factor to his healthy lifestyle.

"This is where I come and I know that I'll be just at peace," he said.