Local group raises money for Ohio woman's funeral

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - A local advocacy group, Addicts Lives Matter, held a fundraiser Monday to raise money for Keyairy Wilson's funeral.

Wilson's body was found in Barbour County earlier this month, after she was apparently shot and stabbed in March.

Three people have since been arrested in connection to her death.

Kelli Hagerman never met Wilson, who came to Clarksburg from Columbus, Ohio, but after hearing of her death, Hagerman, the co-founder of Addicts Lives Matter, felt compelled to do something.

"I think everybody needs a little help here and there," Hagerman explained. "My understanding from this is that it was drug involved."

Police allege the three suspects wanted to rob and kill Wilson over drugs and money. Wilson apparently did not have much of either.

"Drugs make you do a lot of crazy things and they take over your life, so I understand all aspects of everything, but it doesn't have to resort to that," Hagerman said, referring to the alleged crime.

Through public outreach, Hagerman hopes to teach people the direct and indirect dangers of drugs. She believes Wilson fell victim to the collateral damage that drugs can have in a community.

"I can relate to how her family feels," Hagerman said. "Just like with some of my friends passing away from drugs, it's not an easy situation."

Most of the feedback, she says, has been positive.

"It takes special people to do this," said Janice McMurdo, who walked over to Hagerman's stand in Clarksburg to give them words of encouragement.

But Hagerman says she has also heard objections to her efforts.

"We've had some people say 'why are you supporting a drug dealer that was in our town?'" she recalled.

Police, meanwhile, don't believe Wilson was dealing drugs. And that's something Hagerman wants to set straight.

"[We want to] let people know to quit spreading rumors and get the real truth," Hagerman said.

Hagerman also said she knew Elizabeth Ladybird Jenkins, one of the three people accused in Wilson's death. That conversation can be found in the video above.