Exploring safeguards for kids social media use

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Social media is, of course, all the rage these days among our children. But what safeguards should we put in place to protect them? MomsEveryday host Melissa Robbins visited Highland-Clarksburg Hospital to find out.

Melissa: Navigating social media with your children can be tough. I'm here with Stefanie Moore, digital marketing manager at Highland-Clarksburg Hospital. Stefanie...tips and tricks on kind of keeping kids contained or how to get them started...what should we do?

Stefanie: It's definitely beneficial for kids to get the social connection and they can talk with their classmates about homework and stuff but there definitely are disadvantages to social media. One thing certainly is the age limit starts at 13..so you definitely shouldn't let a kid have it before thirteen years old. And when your kid decides to have an account...you should be familiar with that social media account. Check..set their privacy settings....make sure their friend's list are people they actually know. Some people have thousands of friends they don't know. Keep an eye on their account. Don't let them privately check their account. Keep time structure.

Melissa: You should be able to see their messages.

Stefanie: Check their messages. Know their password so you can just keep an eye...make sure nothing...

Melissa: There are a ton of privacy settings on all of these different networks, right?

Stefanie: Yes.

Melissa: I think a big thing would be who could see it that are not their friends. Stuff like that. I think a lot of people don't realize that you can change it so that only their friends can see what they're posting or their pictures...or things like that.

Stefanie: Yes. You can even block certain people from seeing things. If you have an issue with somebody bullying or something you can block that person from their account.

Melissa: Okay. That's awesome. Thank you so much.

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