Local mom expert explores services offered at Valley Health Care

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - All moms are busy. They can get busier by taking care of the entire family, which could lead to some unwanted changes. MomsEveryday host Melissa Robbins recently visited mental health professionals at Valley Health Care to learn about the help they offer.

Melissa: As parents...especially mothers...we take on the job of taking care of everyone. That's our children...ourselves and our parents. What about the mental health aspect? I'm here with Aleisha Arbogast...licensed psychologist with Valley Health Care. Aleisha...when it comes to even ourselves...especially the mental health of our children...and our parents as we transition into taking care of them...behaviorally...what are some of the things that we can watch for to make sure someone's not in need of assistance.

Aleisha: We're looking for change. I know that natural change occurs but we're looking for drastic changes. We're looking for changes in functioning. In our own functioning...in our child's functioning...in our parent's functioning. Are there changes in their mood? Are there changes in their eating or sleeping habits? Are there changes in what they're afraid of or are they more withdrawn in different areas? Just looking for differences in how that affects the functioning from day to day. Is it affecting relationships with other people? The ability to get things done? Interacting with others? Looking at those things is really important.

Melissa: Okay. Are they significantly angry all of a sudden? Or not wanting to get out of bed for days and days and days? That definitely makes sense and then when we see it either way with our parents or with our children...what's the first step from our end as a kind of third party?

Aleisha: One thing I really want to get across is don't wait until you're feeling so overwhelmed. For Valley Health Care the first step is reaching out. Make a call and say..."I need some behavioral health services. Wherever you're at just reaching out saying "I need some help."

Melissa: You guys are so well-rounded in your services. You cover all of the bases and the whole family.

Aleisha: Right.

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