Local mom expert talks finding the perfect Valentines Day gift

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Valentine's Day is nearly here! If your looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, MomsEveryday host Melissa Robbins has some great suggestions for you.

Melissa: Jann...White's Fine Jewelry has quickly become my favorite stop.

Jann: We like that!

Melissa: And with Valentine's Day quickly approaching...I'm kind of interested in how I could look for myself...what I should be telling my husband...

Jann: Okay. Well we have pulled together our favorite things case. We've pulled together items that we love that we feel kind of represent Valentine's Day. We have of course diamonds...white gold...rose gold...give her roses for Valentine's Day. Lots of different prices. If you just want to do a little token or you can definitely go big with diamonds and white gold. You have on this pretty little love piece today. Other things that we have in the case...some rose gold...just gold...so very inexpensive...but give you a really pretty look.

Melissa: I love that you have this case up here because if I told my husband...he knows I love to come here...so if he came in you already have...here...we have some featured things set up for you...pick from here instead of being overwhelmed by the whole store. Tell me what you have right now in the featured items.

Jann: So we have up in the front some Frederic Duclos...which is a silver line with some rose gold. Very trendy. Great for the working wife. Also very nice for casual...some Mariana which has some crystals...very sparkly. And then up here on top I've got some white gold and diamonds...a little heartbeat...heartbeat of love. Some bar pendants which are very popular. And also some rose gold like little fashion pieces.

Melissa: I was thinking of getting some of my girlfriends some "Galentine's Day" gifts.

Jann: Absolutely!

Melissa: If I were to look on line...where would I go?

Jann: Go to whitesfinejewelry.com. We're also on Facebook and Instagram. We try to put out an idea everyday!

Melissa: Great!

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