Local mom experts discuss teen driving

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - When teens first start to drive, parents can be very nervous. MomsEveryday host Melissa Robbins and local moms discuss teen driving in this week's roundtable.

Melissa: For this week's roundtable I sat with my Mom and my friend Michelle to talk about teenagers driving. You're either over confident or under confident. Neither of those things are helpful. You need to find somewhere in the middle to be. I don't really remember rules that we had.

Tammy: You guys were pretty good about letting me know if they were going to be somewhere a little later. We had that open communication and if they were at Twin Oaks having a pizza...we may be 20 minutes late...and they were there. So I think it's all about the communication.

Michelle: Yeah. I agree.

Melissa: Isn't there a rule now or something at some point they can only have so many people...

Michelle: This is something that really surprises me...in West Virginia when they first get their 16-year old license they are not to have anybody in the vehicle with them other than a family member or an adult that's over 25. I'm actually shocked at how many people allow their kids to break that rule. After that 6-month period they are allowed one person that's not family. I think it's good to give them that time driving without the extra distractions in the vehicle. Friends...playing with the radio.

Melissa: Car full of friends.

Michelle: But a lot of people neglect that rule out of convenience I think because they don't want to have to drive their kids around or go pick up friends. But that's something that we made our kids abide by and they hated us for it.

Tammy: I like that rule.

Michelle: We thought it was important...number one it's the law and we thought it was important not to break the law...and actually we ground them a couple of times because we heard from other friends that they had taken somebody. There was a time or two that they said this person needs a ride...it's this distance can I take them. There's this emergency clause in there. I said okay...we let it go but they asked.

Tammy: And that's the communication.

Michelle: Right.

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