Local mom shares signs of cyber bullying

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Cyberbullying can make life very difficult for children. But how do parents know if their child is being victimized by a cyberbully? MomsEveryday host Melissa Robbins tells us what to watch for.

Melissa: In this age of social media...digital bullying could be really tough waters to navigate. I'm here with Stefanie Moore...digital marketing coordinator at Highland-Clarksburg Hospital. Stefanie...I think there are two sides to cyberbullying. There's a bully and then there's someone being bullied. What's something that parents can watch for?

Stefanie: Parents can watch for certain behaviors of a child being bullied. They'll probably have anxiety...not want to go to school...be afraid to check their messages even. Sometimes they'll be too afraid to tell the parent so it's always good for the parent to know their account and be able to check to make sure that they are not being bullied.

Melissa: You had mentioned...watching the time that they are on there. Maybe not watching over their shoulders...but knowing this is from this time to this time.

Stefanie: They have this time span to use it because Facebook can also be addictive.

Melissa: Yeah. I think having a time span there's not the opportunity to just delay everything before you get the chance to go in and see what's going on. Like I said...there are two parties. If your child is the bully?

Stefanie: It's important to educate kids that yes...you can't say that in-person but you also can't say that to somebody online. It has the same effect...in-person or online. It's important too...if they have behaviors like that...to seek out help from behavioral hospitals.

Melissa: Such as this one. If they wanted to get in contact with you over something like this how would they reach out?

Stefanie: They could call our number...304-969-3100. We also have a website with resources on it...highlandclarksburghospital.com. And our social media page also has some resources on it as well.

Melissa: Yeah. You guys have an active social media. Thank you so much!

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