Local moms discuss kids and cell phone usage

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) -- Kids and cell phones. When should they have them? How often should they be allowed to use them? These are some tough questions for parents. Our MomsEveryday roundtable has some answers.

Melissa: For this week's roundtable I sat with my Mom and my friend Michelle to talk about children and cell phones. I think the main thing would be...use your own intuition and not like "Well...everybody else in his class has one"...so he needs to have one or she needs to have one.

Michelle: The phones have become more affordable. In different circumstances...I see kids getting them younger. I know a lot of cases...you've got families with divorced and remarried parents and there's a lot of coordinating that needs to be done. So I don't know if there's a panacea to choose what age is appropriate. I do think you have to be careful on what apps you allow them to use. I know there's an app that you can get that you can read what they're doing...seeing...or even track where they're going.

Melissa: Having the location services is really important.

Tammy: It's very important.

Michelle: We can see when he gets back to school. He leaves and it's 2 hours he's on the road. You can see he made it safely. It makes you feel better.

Tammy: It does. My youngest son is 28. Just up until a few years ago...I had the location on his phone. He finally figured it out but he was okay with it. I said it's not that I'm nibbing where you are...I guess maybe a little bit I was...but it was comforting to know when he got to school.

Michelle: I've told my kids...I'm not in there reading all your information until you give me a reason to not trust you. But there's so much scary information out there.

Melissa: You do have to be very aware what information is at their fingertips and like you said...what some things mean. Knowing the codes and what could be talked about on there. Staying in real time is very important.
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