Local moms discuss making mealtime easy!

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - When it comes to "What's for dinner"...everyone in the family may have different ideas. THIS WEEK MomsEveryday roundtable features a discussion on how to make mealtime easier for mom.

Melissa: For this week's roundtable I sat down with my Mom and my friend Michelle to talk about mom guilt over food. I used to make three separate meals, too.

Michelle: It's hard.

Tammy: It's hard for a working mother. Everybody wants to eat something different. I was fortunate that my mom cooked a lot of my meals when I was a working mom. So that made it nice.

Michelle: I was making three different versions of dinner...one for Matt and I...one for Michael and Mark and one for Mitchell. One day I remember kind of standing there in the kitchen exhausted going "What am I doing?" and it was that light bulb moment. "I'm not doing it anymore." I announced at the dinner table that night..."From now on...I'm making dinner...and if you don't like it...you're welcome to make a peanut butter sandwich or get a bowl of cereal...but I'm not doing it anymore. Those days are done and it took that moment of not guilting myself anymore. I was putting that burden on myself. The kids grew and they're fine and they ate and if they're hungry enough they figure it out.

Melissa: They want to feel like someone is listening. They are understood. So engaging in the battle...no you would like this if you tried it. They need to feel like you heard them...I hear you...I understand...you have power...it's your body and your eating it. It creates a much better relationship with food in the long run.

Michelle: I always have the rule they have to try at least one bite. You don't have to like it but you gotta try one bite and you may never now what you may like.

Melissa: That's not convincing them otherwise. You're not saying "I don't believe you". Your saying "just at least try one" and then I will trust your feelings on it after that. So I think that that's really important too. We have a tendency as moms to make things more difficult than they actually are. Just step back and here's dinner. For more information about MomsEveryday presented by Highland-Clarksburg Hospital...go to wdtv.com.

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