Local moms experts discuss rewarding accomplishments

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - When your child does something well, what is the best way to reward that accomplishment? MomsEveryday host Melissa Robbins and local moms search for answers in today's roundtable.

Melissa: For this week's roundtable I sat down with my Mom and my friend Michelle to talk about rewarding children. Finding a reward system that makes sense and...what we were saying earlier...what motivates them because sometimes I think we try to do what would motivate us. It's not the same. Finding what makes them tick in their intrinsic thought patterns.

Michelle: I think you have to find what they like and each kid is so different in what motivates them.

Melissa: You get to know them better that way. Just kind of understanding how their minds work and what makes them feel accomplished.

Michelle: Right.

Tammy: Makes them feel good about themselves.

Melissa: Rocky loved money.

Michelle: With Mitchell...our youngest in school...years ago in elementary school...my husband said you get good grades I'll give you X amount of money for your straight A's. Mitchell's had straight A's since third grade because he likes that carrot. Matt feels like it's a small sacrifice to keep motivated and as long as he's motivated it works.

Tammy: And it is...it's what motivates them. They have passions as young as they are. They want to feel appreciated as well as we do.

Michelle: Sometimes it might be something as simple as a little card acknowledging them for an accomplishment...student of the month...or something really well that they've done...or a note in their lunchbox...letting them know that you care as a surprise.

Melissa: Knowing the love languages...I'm a words of affirmation person. I like that pat on the back...you're doing a really good job. My brother Rocky...money...that will keep me on task. The little one...totally different. It is learning not to just show it the way we like to receive it. Kind of figuring out what makes everybody tick.

Michelle: And it can work in all aspects...academics...sports...behavior.

Tammy: Any positive reinforcement. I think that's the main thing.

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