Local non-profit feeds hundred of kids in Fairmont

MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - "We don't want these kids to go hungry"

That's why Kellie Morgan and Barb Weaver were inspired to create a program that would help provide kids who rely on school-provided meals with bags of food for the weekend.

Inspired by East Fairmont's mascot, they named their non-profit H.O.N.E.Y bags.

The name itself is an acronym that represents their mission.

'Helping, out, nourishing, every, youth,"

Once a week volunteers meet to help fill the hundreds of bags that provide weekend meals for kids at several schools across the area.

"The first year we stared with 34 and now we are up to between 243 and 250 a week,"

Morgan and Weaver say that over the years the whole community has come together to help keep them fully stocked.

"Local churches, community groups, there's a women's club that will say hey we're gonna do a food drive for you,"

And while this is the program's seventh year, they hope to keep expanding and serving the kids of Fairmont for many years to come.

For more information on how to help use the link on the side of the webpage.