Local physical therapists’ provide workshop to help educate community

Published: Mar. 12, 2020 at 12:26 AM EDT
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Shoulder pain is the third most common incident that is reported to primary care physicians annually, according to the National Institute of Health.

The Clinical Director of FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center in Bridgeport, Shane Piatt, wants to provide options and answers to those in the community when it comes to shoulder and rotator cuff pain.

"Teaching them that there are ways to get out of pain without relying on surgeries, pain medicine, that kind of thing," Piatt said.

On average, according to the National Institute of Health, a rotator cuff tear surgery can cost up to more than $25,000, so therapy is a much cheaper option that can be just as effective.

"Insurance usually covers majority of you're expense for physical therapy, especially if you have medicare or have a secondary with medicare, your expense is very little per visit," he said.

However, this can be an issue for the 6.3% of people who aren't insured, which is a large population when compared to the national average of almost 9%, but there are ways you can help lessen any pain on your own.

From changing your posture to working your muscles with items around your home, these movements can make all the difference.

"Giving them a better understanding of what might actually be wrong with their shoulder or their back, different exercises, different ways maybe therapy can help them get out of pain," he said.

For those experiencing pain that makes it impossible to do daily activities, that’s when Piatt says you should consider seeing your physician or local physical therapist.