Local residents concerned about accessing Ruby Hospital on WVU game days

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV)-- (CORRECTION: J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital does not own the parking lot. The hospital leases the lot. An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the ownership of the parking lot. WDTV regrets the error.)

The parking lot of J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital during the WVU football game on Oct. 5 (Source: Hunter Wilson)

A Facebook post regarding access to the J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital during WVU football games has a lot of local residents concerned after the homecoming game on Saturday.

With hundreds of visitors surrounding the hospital, locals are worried about getting to the entrance in a timely manner. The Facebook user that made the post, Hunter Wilson, experienced this on Saturday.

"Morgantown just does not have the infrastructure to support that much traffic locally on top of all the people that are trying to do their day to day things," Wilson said.

Students at WVU that are familiar with game day traffic also believed the crowd could cause issues in emergency situations.

"With tailgaters it can get really busy so I think it is a bit of an issue," WVU student, Makenzie Hudson said.

"If an ambulance needed to get through there they couldn't because right now there's just people taking up as much space as possible," WVU student, Matthew Schenk said.

The hospital released a press release back in August with a designated area for visitors, patients, and employees on game days, and although that's helpful, Wilson thinks more can be done in the future.

"It's great that they still have parking, however it's just the amount of people that come in and out of the hospital exceeds that," Wilson said.

We reached out to Mon Health EMS and they could not provide a comment at that time, but they did assure us that they plan accordingly for game days.

To review the hospital's press release and learn more about what to do in an emergency on game day, you can visit their website.