Local restaurants and organizations helping to feed students during teacher walk out

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With the teacher walkout looming tomorrow, some local organizations are stepping up to make sure that students are fed, even with school being cancelled. The Monongalia County Education Association and Pantry Plus More are just two of these organizations, but two restaurants in Clarksburg and the Lewis County Family Resource Network are doing their part too.

The Lewis County Family Resource Network is sending home their backpack buddies early this week to make sure that students will have something to snack on these next few days. Chunki's Pizza and Subs and Parker's Fourth Street will be giving away free pizza to students. Starting at ten in the morning, Chunki's Pizza and Subs will be giving away free slices of pizza and from 11am-2pm, Parker's Fourth Street is providing students with free pizza and a bottle water.

"A lot of the kids around, sometimes that's the only hot meal they get in a day in school, so we figured we'd try to help out and help feed some of the younger kids who don't get an opportunity to get a hot meal at home every" says owner of Parker's Fourth Street Parker Fulton.

The Lewis County Family Resource Network hands out these backpack buddies to the school districts every week, and although this week is especially important for students to get their snack bags early, handing out the bags goes deeper than just making sure students have snacks for the next few days.

"One of the things we need to reassure students and children is there's a community behind them and if they have a question, or they have a worry, or something that is not being effectively dealt with, they can reach out to somebody" says supervisor for Parents as Teachers Home Visitation Program Barbara Tucker.