UPDATE: House kills Senate Bill 451

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FAIRMONT, W. Va. (WDTV) - UPDATE 2/19/19
The West Virginia House of Delegates has voted to postpone Senate Bill 451 indefinitely in a 53-45 vote with 2 absences.

You can view the vote tally by visiting the Related Link.

In a press conference, officials with the West Virginia Education Association stated a press conference will be held Tuesday afternoon to discuss the next step for teachers.

Teachers in picket lines and informational meetings said:

"Kill this bill!"

"We hope that compromise can be made."

"We're hoping that the honorable house will dismantle this bill."

"Let's fix what we got, let's not rewrite the book every time."

This, because of Senate Bill 451.

The controversial education bill, hit the House this week and is currently under consideration by the House Education Committee.

While some changes were made into the draft, teachers are still looking into what will happen next.

"We're all keeping an eye on the bill," said Barbara Owens, Director of Clinical Experience and PSD Partnership Director at Fairmont State University.

Fairmont State University officials held a meeting on Thursday morning with six school superintendents from the area, and Senate Bill 451 came into question.

"The problem that we have with Senate Bill 451 is the sheer volume of items included in the bill," said Preston County Schools Superintendent Stephen Wotring

They say the 129-page bill is long and complex.

"It's difficult to look at the pros and cons of every single item out there because it becomes to clouded and too crowded," he said.

So they hope lawmakers look for other solutions.

"We should take each of those items and argue them for their own merits instead of clumping everything together," said Wotring.

And for Fairmont State University officials, they say they want to keep an eye on this bill for the future educators.

"We're gathering some information to send out to the schools," said Owens.