Local school takes educational spin on the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

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WESTON, W.Va (WDTV)- The Olympics usually center around sporting events, but this year one local school is putting the focus on reading. Peterson Central Elementary School kicked off the 2018 Winter Games with a school-wide book study Thursday.

Every student from preschool through fourth grade received a copy of "Hour of Olympics" by Mary Pope Osbourne. The book will be used for various lessons and activities throughout the next week. The story takes readers on the adventure of two kids who get to see the very first Olympic Games in Greece.

Activities focused around the book are supposed to educate the kids and get them excited for the big events. Teachers say they wanted to find something that could bring the entire school together to learn about history and current events.

PCES Principal Steve Hall said using the Winter Games as a central topic was an easy choice.

"The Olympics was a perfect opportunity to do it," Hall said. "We want to give the kids some background on the Olympics, participate in some activities and also do the reading of the book."

Although many other exciting activities are on hand for the school day, including a torch lighting ceremony along with songs and videos, students say they enjoy learning about the games and watching the inspiring athletes.

One young boy said he wants to be "just like" the men he sees on his television.

"I really like the basketball team for USA," Josiah Heiney says. "I want to be one of those."

The education will extend outside of the classroom as well. Parents and students are encouraged to work together to read a chapter every night. Teachers hope families can openly talk more about the tradition and help their children understand just how special the event is.

An Olympics awards ceremony is set to be held at the end, where kids will be awarded for academics, attendance and performance.