Locals learn basics of coding

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV) -- The WVU Center for Excellence in Stem Education hosted "An Hour of Code" on campus Dec. 5, in order to teach students and locals in computer programming basics.

This event is part of Computer Science Education Week that ends on Dec.10. Participants of all ages had a chance to work with different programs of all levels. Some of the programs were interactive games and others were more advance activities.

"An Hour of Code" is a way to show that anybody can learn the basics of coding and to bring awareness to the importance of computer science in the work field.

"Computer science and coding is everything from cell phones to computers, they don't just appear and work because of magic, they work because someone has taken the time and effort to code," said Amanda Jelsena, program coordinator.

Participants say they went to the event, in order to advance their knowledge of coding. One young participant says he wants to get a head start, as he wants to do this as a career in the future by building video games.

"I started looking at videos on how they make this and how they make video games since in the future I might turn out to be one and then I saw this website that they're using, which actually helps a bunch," said Travis Brown, a participant from Morgantown High School.