Locals react to strike latest

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- As some counties announced that they won't be having classes tomorrow, some parents are stunned that their kids won't be going to school yet, while others say public employees should keep fighting.

(Image Source: Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0 / MGN)

Many parents have been vocal about the current situation, but they all agree that teachers, school personnel, and state employees deserve better benefits.

However, some told 5 News that they're unhappy with the decision of some public employees to not head to the classrooms after it was announced that school will resume on Thursday.

One local mother and her son say that they're concerned about the lack of education being provided these past few days.

"But when they keep saying no when they're getting a raise and turning back, how is it for the kids?" said Maranda Wamsley.

"I'm pretty excited to go back to school because it's almost the end of the year," said her son, Christopher Wamsley.

Meanwhile, others say public employees should continue to fight for what they deserve. They're glad Governor Jim Justice moved forward by raising the salary, but PEIA is more important at this time.

They also said they don't wish for the strike to continue, but they have to send their message across.

"They have every right to demand more. Some of these teachers have been doing this their whole lives," said Joshua Rolen. "I think they should keep fighting until they get what they want, what they deserve."