Locals react to possible tax return delay

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HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - When you think of the month of January, you think it's that time to start filing tax returns, but with the recent government shut down it might not happen soon.

In its second week, the IRS doesn't fully perform certain duties, such as audits or paying refunds. The agency is only using a little over 12% of its workforce, basically fewer that $10,000 federal employees. If this shutdown continues many locals could be affected.

"It has not affected me as of the moment, however, I do have some friends who has affected," Kimberly Klinger.

Klinger says she's been helping a friend get some extra income -- as certain agencies are partially closed.

"I was training an individual on how to teach online English as a second language because her husband has been affected by the government shut down and they're not getting income," she said.

And she believes taxes shouldn't be affected.

'We work for our money. The taxes that are taken, they are our tax money," she said.

"We know what our leaders are doing," said Mary Lou Hilderbrand.

Other locals believe this shouldn't be a partisan issue.

"I think they should come together and work together," she said.