Residents say East Oak cemetery continues to be neglected

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Just days before the 9th anniversary of her first husband’s death, Marjorie George discovered that his gravestone-had been over turned.

"We came up to change the flowers like we do every fall and this was the condition I found that the stone had fallen over,"

But George says this isn't the only issue she's noticed with East Oak cemetery.

"We took pictures of a lot of stones that are knocked over, the vases on the signs that are knocked over and broken," said George "That doesn't just happen"

Another issue George noticed that has been ongoing, has to do with dozens of torn up American flags.

"We found those all over the place, they were just laying on the ground," said George "And they were obviously shredded by something, the weather didn't jut do that,"

Karl Yeagle, the president of the cemetery, says they are working with limited staff and funds.

However, they do encourage their maintenance crew to report any damage they find.

"When the men are out mowing, if they see something they normally tell us,"

Yeagle also said the cemetery's water bill alone costs around $800 per month and as a non profit, they run off of the generosity of the community.

Going forward Yeagle says the best way to address any problems is to contact them directly at their office.

"Let us know what h problem is and the name so we know where to look," Yeagle said "Best thing to do would be to call the office or stop in."

The office's number is (304) 296-6913.