Loneliness study looks at what ages people are most effected by it

(CNN) -- Are you feeling lonely? We all do sometimes but according to a small new study, we are more likely to feel lonely at certain points than others.

Research published in the journal International Psychogeriatrics found that 76% of those studied reported feeling moderate to severe loneliness at some time in life.

Results showed that the incidence of loneliness peaked amongst those in their late 20's, mid 50's, and late 80's: The ages that are typically marked -- respectively -- with big decisions, midlife crisis, and declining health.

Loneliness doesn't necessarily mean having no friends or being all alone. The study's author says lots of times the feeling comes from a longing for social relationships that are different than the ones we actually have.

One positive finding is those who reported stronger characteristics of wisdom-- things like decisiveness, the ability to regulate emotions, and compassion--didn't feel as lonely.