Lottery fever hits Monongalia County

CHEAT LAKE, W.Va (WDTV) - Lottery craze is in full effect with big jackpots for the Mega Millions and the Powerball on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Several of you were excited about the chance to win big, or to even win something after the holiday season.

The Mega Millions could bring you more than $340 million on Tuesday night. Come Wednesday, Powerball players could see $440 million. Now that the holiday season has come and gone, some are looking for extra bucks.

"The same reason everybody else does, to make a lot of money," said Mark Mouser.

"It's a new year and I'm feeling lucky," said another.

While the chances of winning are certainly slim, some say they're always keeping an eye on how much is listed for the jackpot.

"What can you do with about $400 million," asked Butler Brown. "Anything you want, so I'd pay off some debt and probably vacation for about a year or two."

"I could move to somewhere where it's hot and sunny year round," Mark Mouser said.

Michelle Mouser is the manager of the Cheat Lake Exxon, where they often have regulars in and out year round buying tickets.

"I think it's the cold," she said. "The cold has really slowed down stuff. It's hard on a lot of people. They've been coming in buying 10, 20, 30 dollars worth of it at a time for Powerball and Mega Millions."

On Tuesday, the crowds were a bit smaller, but Mouser says the crowds have been there from time to time. One of the factors she feels may have played a role and has to do with the holidays.

"It's the routine people," she said. "Around the holidays we've had people come in from Lakeview Resort heading home, stopping and buying tickets and everything."

To see more of our area's past lottery success, check out the video above.