Love is in the air and florists' know it: Valentine's Day by the numbers

Published: Feb. 15, 2020 at 12:26 AM EST
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While many people were working hard to find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, florist like Mimi Davis were working to making sure they provided the perfect gift of flowers.

Preparing in advance for the big wave of customers, those working at My Sister's House made sure they were ready.

"Making sure that our vases are ready, our chemicals are ready, everything is ready and our flowers look their absolute best," Davis said.

The flower shop handled over 2000 roses and almost 500 carnations, and that was only a portion of the orders on their list.

"There's a lot of overtime that goes into this," Davis said.

Spending a lot of time in hopes of spreading a lot of love.

"We try so hard to make every order look different and look really really good so that everybody feels like they got something special and unique to them," she said.

Special and unique gifts have become an expensive trend here in the U.S.

Those celebrating the holiday were expected to spend close to $200 for a total of over $24 billion across the country, which beats last years record high.

Spending on flowers alone is over 2 billion dollars.

For Davis however, the increase in sales is the last thing she thinks about when it comes to this holiday.

"The money is not huge there it's not like what you would think it would be. It's the gratification of what you get when you see that lady's eyes light up."

Davis says their next busy holiday will be mothers day.

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