Remembering correctional officer Marcus Fagons

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Barbour County W.Va (WDTV) The field of the Barbour County court house was filled with balloons, candles, and prayers for the memory of correctional officer, Marcus Fagons.

Earlier this month, Fagons was killed by his wife who allegedly shot him in the head during an argument.

Over one hundred people gathered to support the family and remember Fagons, including an old high school friend, Christian Abacan.

Abacan says he felt as though he owed it to Fagons to come to the vigil to say than you for helping him during a difficult time.

"I thought I'd, ya know, pay my respects because he's helped me through high school when I was having a hard time getting bullied", Abacan said.

Abacan also says he has fond memories with Fagons and that he was definitely one of a kind.

"He was funny, he kept ya going, he really didn't take crap from anyone, but he was something. He loved to party a lot and hangout with people", Abacan said.

All attendees agree that Fagon's memory will live on in their hearts, as he was too amazing of a person to be forgotten.