Lunsford-Conaway denied jury consultant for October trial

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WESTON, W.Va. (WDTV) - Judge Jacob Reger has denied the motion from Lena Lunsford-Conaway’s defense to hire a jury consultant to conduct a poll of the jury pool in Lewis and Upshur counties.

Lunsford-Conaway's defense attorney Tom Dyer requested this with the belief that it may be hard to find an unbiased jury, because the case has been very well known and high profiled in the counties.

The defense called Graham Godwin to the witness stand. Godwin works for Orion Strategies in Buckhannon. Dyer hoped he would serve as the court's jury consultant.

Judge Reger denied the motion saying he believes a jury selection can be done through the process that will occur in October.

"This is a very good judge. He's a member of the community. There are legitimate fiscal concerns. There's a lot of money involved doing something like that (getting a consultant)," said Dyer. "He's ( the judge) got a lot of faith in the ability of the local jury pool to be fair and impartial about this."

We attempted to interview the prosecuting attorney. However, she left the room before we were able to reach her.

No decision was made on whether or not Lunsford-Conaway's trial would be moved to a different county.