Remnants of Hurricane Florence are expected to track through West Virginia. What kind of impacts can you expect?

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) -- Tropical Storm Florence will be affecting NCWV late Sunday, Monday, and into early Tuesday. Maximum sustained winds Friday evening were down to 65mph but the storm remains dangerous.

Flooding continues to be the biggest concern with the remnants of Florence. Additional rainfall of 2" to 3" could fall onto the already saturated ground. We won't get too many days to dry out before we see this tropical rainfall again. The best time frame for any potential flooding looks to be Monday. This could still be occurring early Tuesday, but most of the rain will end early in the day.

Winds will be picking up Sunday but when the remnants move through the overall strength of these will not be too high. Expecting at best gusts of 40mph to 50mph in the higher elevations. For the lowlands, gusts of 30mph to 40mph could occur. Winds start to die down with the end of the rain on Tuesday. We may even see some sunshine by Tuesday evening.