Making fancy Panna cotta

Looking for a dessert that’s a little fancier to wow your guests this holiday season? Julie Andrews, the Gourmet RD has a great idea for you.

Julie: "It’s an Italian dessert that’s kind of fancy, but it’s really easy to make, only a few ingredients and a few minutes and it’s called Panna cotta."

Pam: "Okay, what’s in it?"

Julie: "So ours is made with coconut milk. So that’s what we made it with, but it’s traditionally made with cream. I like to make it with coconut milk. It gives it that coconutty flavor. It has the same texture as cream. It’s a little bit better for you."

Pam: "Yeah. It only cooks for a few of minutes."

Julie: "It does. So, you cook it with a little bit of sugar and some vanilla extract. And then you mix it together with unflavored gelatin that’s been whisked in a little water and that’s all that goes into it."

Pam: "It sets up in the refrigerator, and then you garnish it however you want."

Julie: "Yes, depending on the season, you can put any type of fruit or anything you want on top. It’s really simple and really kind of fancy, something that will impress your guests."

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