Making oatmeal bars

MOMSEVERYDAY -- Your local farmers market isn’t just a source for fresh fruit and veggies. We’re talking about lots of other great farmer’s market ingredients with Liz Kepplinger from Inspired by the Seasons.

MomsEveryday Executive Producer Pam Tauscher: "We are making an oatmeal bake with farmer’s market produce."

Liz: "Yes, it’s great! Carrots are available a lot of the year and, of course, apples even into the winter market. And the great news is we have oatmeal available. So, it’s not just thinking about your fruits and veggies. You can round it out with grains...all sorts of items that you wouldn’t normally expect you could get."

Pam: "Yeah, and this is a great breakfast, on-the-go, or after school snack. What’s in here?"

Liz: "So these are the oats, almonds, shredded apple and shredded carrot, it very simply comes together with some milk in the oven and you’re ready to go."

Pam: "I love it, and it’s fast."

Liz: "It is."

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