Man accused of assaulting woman, choking her

Nicholas White was arrested and charged with strangulation. (Picture Credit: North Central Regional Jail)
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- A man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a woman and choked her Saturday.

According to the criminal complaint, Nicholas White and the victim left the West Virginia University football game and were heading towards Sheetz on University Avenue.

The victim told police that she was playfully touching White's face when she accidentally poked him in the eye. White got angry and pushed her to the ground.

The victim and White did not speak until they got to Sheetz, according to the complaint. White began degrading her and told her that he "wanted nothing to do with her." The victim told White," that is fine, then if you're going back to your house, I am coming to get my things."

The victim went to White's house to get her items, according to the complaint. White let her in and gave her "a minute or two to get a few things."

White told the victim to get out, according to police. The victim tried to get past him, and White pushed her to the ground.

White then got a hold of the victim's neck with his left hand and pinned her down, according to the complaint. He started hitting the victim with his right hand.

The victim went to WVU Medicine for treatment, according to the complaint.

White has been charged with strangulation.