Man allegedly strangled wife and hit daughter with Diet Mountain Dew can

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PRESTON COUNTY W.VA. (WDTV) -- An Aurora W.Va. man has been charged after allegedly choking his wife and hitting two children with a can of Diet Mountain Dew.

Neil Delaney was arrested after he allegedly strangled wife and hit daughter with a full can of Diet Mountain Dew. (Picture Credit: Tygart Valley Regional Jail)

"July of 2018, a woman came into the Sheriff's Department to report that she had been involved in a domestic with her husband, Neil Delaney," said Lieutenant Thomas Whitter.

Police say Neil Delaney and his wife were having an argument when Delaney allegedly grabbed his wife by the throat and began to apply pressure.

The victim says her vision started to become fuzzy and she felt like she was going to pass out.

That’s when police say their daughter ran into the room yelling for Delaney to stop.

Delaney then allegedly grabbed a full can of Diet Mountain Dew and threw it at his daughter hitting her in the face and bruising her.

"At which time the child tried to intervene and get the father to stop," said Mitter. "He threw a can at the child."

The can glanced off the daughter’s face and struck her two year old cousin who was also in the room.

Lieutenant Mitter says that Delaney was in jail in another state for a different charge and is now facing the new charges and has been moved to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

"According to the Chief deputy, they brought him back today or in the last day or so," said Mitter. "So, he wasn't actually officially charged even though the warrant existed until he was released from that jurisdiction and then they serve our warrant on that day which brings him here."