Man arrested after allegedly threatening people with a gun

Anika Desilvia was arrested after he allegedly waved a gun at four people Sunday morning.
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MARION COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- A man was arrested after he allegedly threatened four people with a gun Sunday morning. He was also charged after police found drugs in his former apartment last month.

According to the criminal complaint, four people got into an argument in the middle of Watson Street.

Police say Anika Desilva came out of his apartment and waved a camouflage pistol at them.

Desilvia told the group that they better be quiet because his apartment is hot right now, according to the criminal complaint.

Police got a search warrant for Desilvia's apartment and found him in the attic of his apartment under a blanket.

Police found a pink camouflage pistol in a shoe box in Deslivia's closet.

Police went to an apartment on Locust Avenue to serve an eviction notice on August 22. Desilvia was living there with another person.

Police saw marijuana, digital scales, packaging material and a black safe.

Police got a search warrant for the safe and found digital scales with residue, multiple loaded handguns, individually wrapped pieces of crack cocaine, individually wrapped containers of heroin, a large piece of crystal methamphetamine, and wallet with multiple credit cards and other identifying information.

Desilvia has been charged with obstructing an officer, possession with intent to deliver and brandishing a deadly weapon.