Man arrested for breaking in to family's home, showering, and eating in their kitchen

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CLARKSBURG, W. Va. (WDTV) - On Sunday, Clarkburg police responded to a burglary on Carr Avenue in Clarkburg.

The homeowner took police to the basement of the home where the intruder, Shawn Mace, had locked himself in a room.

Mace was found without a shirt or shoes, wearing blue jeans that the homneowner said belonged to him.

Mace claims he was told by an unnamed female that he could come into the house.

The homeowner had confronted Mace when he entered the room he was sleeping in.

The homeowner also told police that Mace had been in the kitchen where he had left food in their air fryer, then entered the pantry and took a Pop Tart.

Mace also allegedly opened a bottle of liquor and took some candy, leaving the wrappers on the kitchen table.

After reviewing their Ring camera the homeowners realized Mace had forced his way into the house through the side basement door.

While in the back of the patrol car, Mace damaged the driver side door by breaking the handle and wires under the seat.

While being taken into the police station Mace resisted and tried to run away, lunging towards the parking lot.

Mace also tried to grab one of the officers pistols from the holster.

Mace has been charged with burglary, attempted escape, and obstructing and attempting to disarm an officer.