Man arrested in Morgantown after cutting hole in ceiling of an apartment to hide from police

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- A man was arrested in Morgantown after he allegedly broke into two apartments.

According to the criminal complaint, police responded to an apartment complex for a burglary in progress on July 4. Police were advised that Colby Scott had gone into Apartment C.

Witnesses told police that they saw Scott bust out a window in the apartment and climb around on the roof before going back inside the apartment.

According to police, they entered the apartment. While they were clearing the apartment, they heard noise coming from the ceiling.

According to the criminal complaint, there was a hole in the ceiling of a closet with blood smeared on the walls.

Scott was seen in apartment D, opposite of apartment C, according to police. Police found Scott hiding in a bathroom with blood and dirt on him.

Scott admitted to police that he climbed through the ceiling of apartment C to apartment D.

Scott has been charged with burglary and is currently being held at North Central Regional Jail.